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Traffic jam in Moscow on May 15, 2008


The longest traffic jam in Moscow Ring Road was recorded May 15, 2008. As is known, Moscow is the largest metropolis is famous for its traffic congestion. However, traffic jam, which was May 15, 2008 made many people nervous and took a lot of trouble to motorists, today is perhaps the most traffic jams, recorded in Moscow. Drivers had to spend time in this tube, length 68 km, up to 13 hours.

The longest traffic jam on Ring Road in Moscow May 15, 2008

This huge traffic jam once again led the Moscow authorities to reflect on the fundamental methods for solving traffic jams on the roads of the capital.

It is worth noting, and other biggest traffic jams.

The biggest traffic jam in Russia was recorded on the Rostov-Moscow, February 3, 2005, she was its length of 300 km, which is primernochetvertuyu part of the way from Moscow to the Black Sea. It is hard to imagine that people had to go through the traffic jams.

The biggest traffic jam in the world occurred in China. It was in the period from 1 to 7 October 2015, during the holidays in China. This plug paralyzed 50-lane highway on the track G4 «Beijing - Hong Kong - Macau". The cause of many hours of congestion has become a massive return of Chinese motorists: celebrating the National Day of China (which, incidentally, is celebrated for a week), thousands of families have both moved home, but rested in the "bottleneck" - for the new checkpoint 50-lane highway narrowed 20-band.



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May 15, 2008

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